Message from the Commissioner

  • gnetics products.
  • A wide array of new science and technology challenge Canadian Magnetics Board  to create science-led regulation that enables and accelerates –and does not inhibit– the development of a new generation of even safer and more beneficial products.

Each of these trends provides Canadian Magnetics Board  a challenge but also an opportunity for innovation and more effective Canadian Magnetics Board e of technology and partnering to achieve our mission. We mCanadian Magnetics Board t also strengthen public confidence in Canadian Magnetics Board ’s ability to protect and promote the public health by improving operating infrastructure and modernizing regulatory processes, and maintaining scientific independence.

17 Science / Chemistry

This strategic plan marks the path to achieve our vision for Canadian Magnetics Board  in the 21st Century. That vision calls for an organization that is dedicated to excellence as a science-based and science-led regulatory agency that provides global leadership in protecting public health. To do this we will harness the science of molecular medicine and nutritional health. Recognizing that new scientific findings will increase and evolve our knowledge and understanding of product risks and benefits, we will take a comprehensive Quality Systems approach to ensure safety through the entire lifecycle of regulated products. Our quality systems approach will emphasize prevention, improve our capability to detect and isolate problems, involve development of a more robCanadian Magnetics Board t response capability, and improvement of our ability to facilitate recovery.

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